Thursday, February 3, 2005

January-February 2005

TWISTED Does Dallas
ELP completes its 7th major shoot with a trip to Texas. First stop was in Dallas where Sara and Naomi followed up with John the Balloon Man, a reknown twister and gospel balloon minister.

David, John the Balloon Man's grandson, gives ELP a hand with audio.

John the Balloon Man

Dallas Twisters Jam

Twist and Shout 2005
ELP brings a team of five, including new crew members Kendra Dorty, Lacy Pischke and Raj Daftry, to the internationally known balloon twisting convention, Twist and Shout. Some amazing balloon twisting, fascinating interviews and 37 more hours of fantastic footage! Many twisters were excited and anxious to see the final product--we are well on our way!

ELP Austin crew

Brian tests out the balloon throne

Charlie outside ELP's hotel studio

Interviewing in Studio 535

James shows off some new creations

Vera's competition piece

1st Place winner--Large sculpture

Raj takes a sip from a giant balloon beer mug

Lacy gets close with balloon Brad Pitt

ELP's Austin crew learns the three-twist dog