Wednesday, July 2, 2003

July 2003

Eliot Lives Productions attends Magicians, Clowns and Twisters University in Burlington, MA and films throughout the weekend.

A pair of young twisters

Celebrity visit from Bozo the Clown

Clown sculpture by Royal Sorell

Magician Sculpture

Summit Meeting #1: ELP is Born
Sara and Naomi retreat to Grantham, NH to plan, brainstorm, relax and laugh. The name "Eliot Lives Productions" is chosen to replace "G-Force/TaksDawg Productions" or was it "TaksDawg/G-Force Productions"?...Aboard a paddleboat on Eastman Lake, ideas for "Twisted" and "No Pants Job™" are discussed and audio recorded.

G-force and Eastman Lake

TaksDawg and the Schimmfugel

Eliot Lives Productions hard at work

Back in Boston and out out on the town