Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Meet the Forces!

Naomi G-Force and Matt B-Force are married! To each other!

They were married in a beautiful ceremony, and everything from the invitations to the programs to the place cards contained a little ballooney love. Much to the disappointment of our fans (read: relief of her mother), Naomi did not wear a balloon dress. But, TWISTED friends Lauren Beigel, Charlie Fogarty and Sara Krakauer did make Matt and Naomi out of balloons. Vera was there, too, and helped make balloon hats for the guests. Sara Taks-Dawg, a.k.a. Naomi's first husband, gave a toast at the rehearsal dinner and it is fun to realize how well we know each other's friends and family after working on the movie together.

It was a day filled with love and joy. And - of course, lots of dancing. The brides dance of choice with her dad? The Twist.

The highlight of the reception was when Matt and Naomi, while raised on chairs (go Jews!), each managed to make a balloon dog with one hand... And the crowd went wild. Matt has officially passed Eliot Lives standards.

Congats buddies!