Friday, April 1, 2005

March-April 2005

Welcome to ELP's Assistant Editing Team!
Sara and Naomi meet for an intensive work weekend of editing with Assistant Editor Laura as well to do pre-production work for our three new Assistant Editors. Paper edits for two new sections of the film are handed off to the new editing team! We are still aiming to complete the film in time to submit to the Sundance Film Festival in September 2005.

Music and Animation!
Jason DeWaard begins composing music for Section #1 of film. Animator Eric Rosenbaum starts preliminary work on creating an animated open for the film.

ELP does serious brainstorming about how to raise the necessary $40K to complete the film. Aside from small fundraising parties this summer, we are hoping to find a investor who would really like to see this film achieve its potential...if you know of anyone who may be interested (or if you are interested yourself!) please email us. And remember, you can always check out our SUPPORT THE FILM section of this website.