Thursday, June 10, 2004

June 2004

Fundraising Parties!!

June 12th
The Parlour
250 W. 86th St
New York, NY
8:00 PM

The New York party was a lot of fun (and not a bad fundraiser too!). We had a great time bringing together seasoned twisters and people who've never touched a balloon in their life. Special thanks to everyone who attended and donated and especially to The Parlour for being such a gracious host and to our twister friends, Lanna Lee Maheux, Sheree Brown-Rosner, Mike Gold, Juggles, Glitter and Lil Twister for all their help.

Balloon Naomi and Sara pass out their business cards

Parlour bartender with a beer mug hat

Some newbie twisters have fun with their new skill

Catherine models her balloon hat creation

Mike Gold performs his balloon comedy routine

Sara and Naomi introduce the new trailer

ELP and our balloon twisting friends

Squiggles (our door prize winner!) and sister Martha

The cousin clan--Great Aunt Mimi's first twisted balloon

June 19th
The Asgard
350 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA
8:00 PM

Boston was a blast! Bob the Balloon Swallower was a huge hit as was the new trailer. Special thanks to the Asgard, Bob Nixon, Royal Sorrell, Mark Donahue, Charlie Fogarty, Glenna Thompson, Bruce Lawson, Joe Vechionne and all the twisters who came to the event. EXTRA special thanks to Jonathan Beller who's beautiful photo we used on our invitations (and who we totally forgot to thank at the party...).

Bob the Balloon Swallower wows the crowd

The crowd watches in awe

Showing off some balloon hat creations

Instructing in the Jame Area

Dori, our waitress, proudly serves the twisters

Royal and his sculpture of the Greek God of Balloon Twisting

Glenna and Benjamin relax and twist the night away

Sara and Naomi celebrate with their balloon likenesses