Sunday, September 3, 2006

July-September 2006

It's been a VERY exciting few months for the balloon ladies of Eliot Lives Productions! We're exhausted from it all but TOTALLY pumped!

Mayfair Recording to Compose Original Score

After debating music options for several weeks, ELP decides to follow up on a connection that we made at a balloon convention and hires Mayfair Recording out of Chicago to create an original score for TWISTED! We are very excited to get started adding some tunes to the film.

Jon Stewart to Narrate Animation (Yes, THAT Jon Stewart!)
Um...we kinda still don't believe this one is real. But it totally is! Sara asked very nicely and Jon Stewart of The Daily Show fame has agreed to narrate the animation section of our film. We promised him to make balloon animals at his kids' birthday parties until they were eighteen. He said as long as there were no anti-semitic balloons in the film, he would do it. Hooray!

Naomi promotes TWISTED on The Today Show
Naomi was invited to make a giant eight-foot-tall sculpture of weatherman Al Roker for the State Fair/Summer Carnival event on NBC's The Today Show. TWISTED got a nice little shout out and Naomi was a big hit with the crowd.

ELP in Long Island and LALALand
And amidst all that excitement, would you believe we went on two follow up shoots?! Sara and Naomi went to Long Island, New York to check in on Sheree Brown-Rosner, the Great Wandini, and to see her in action at the Baldwin Block Party.

We also trekked all the way to Los Angeles, California, where Sara made a pit stop at the Emmy Awards to celebrate with fellow Daily Show award winners. We made a trip out to visit both Don and Laura and see what balloon twisting fun they were up to. Thanks to Stacey and Robin for being such terrific hosts!

Someday, someday...

Damn you, vending machine!

G-force does some heavy lifting post-interview

Naomi and Sara in ELP's Studio West

Sara with hosts Stacey and Robin

Focus Groups Galore
Oh, and we've also been editing til 3AM every night and focus grouping the film every week...