Monday, July 6, 2009

It's a pony!

Sara recently had a significant birthday. Let's just say she entered a new decade. 10? Sure, we'll go with that.

Due to swine flu, the parade was canceled, but a big birthday celebration was still underway. Good friends made for a great weekend of eating, coney-islanding, and dancing (MJ - though you make us feel conflicted, we will never challenge your command to move our feet).

The birthday presents included a wonderful jar of memories from friends. Each person wrote down tons of memories on little sheets of paper, rolled 'em up, and placed them in the bottle. Some of Naomi's memories are movie-related, some are not (hard to remember - but there was a time we were friends and didn't even know that balloon twisting conventions existed), but we're the only one's who'd get all the inside jokes and stories on the pieces of paper. That's the thing about an experience like this - the only two people who can appreciate all of the up's and downs are the two of us.

This year, the ladies of TWISTED went 9 months without seeing each other. While our film spent several long years in the womb, a less sophisticated, human baby could have been born in this small amount of time. After many weekends schlepping between NY and Boston, and a long stretch on the road for festivals and the theatrical run, this less busy year just kinda passed us by and gave us each the opportunity to have more time at home. In March, it was reunion time. We've had a few nice visits since, and - as much as we love the movie - it's fun to remember how to have balance and be friends outside of the movie.

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